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About This Service

Our Talking Therapies and Wellbeing Service is an IAPT-compliant, primary care  ‘talking therapy’ service operating from our central Wellbeing Hub in Westminster.

IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) is a nationwide  initiative by the Department of Health, aiming to bring talking therapy to people with mild to moderate depression and anxiety. The service is commissioned by your local GPs.

The service provides psychological therapy for people experiencing common mental health problems such as mild to moderate depression and anxiety. All adults registered with a Westminster GP or residents in Westminster are eligible. As we are a commissioned service you will not be charged to access our services.


In a 2017 survey, 89% of our service users said that our counselling service helped them, with 92% saying they would use our Talking Therapies service again if they needed support in future.

What We Offer

Individual 1:1 counselling sessions for between 6-12 weeks.
Sessions normally start 4-12 weeks after an assessment.
Sessions last for 50 minutes and will be at the same time every week.

We can offer both daytime and evening appointments.

We have a wide range of therapists trained in a number of modalities and approaches, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), psychodynamic, transpersonal and person-centred therapy. The therapy we offer has a solution based focus where goals are identified and worked towards during the length of the treatment. In a supportive, trusting environment you will be able to explore challenges and difficulties with your counsellor and work towards achieving your goals.

Who Is It For?

In order to access 1:1 counselling, you must be a resident of, or registered with a GP, in Westminster. If you don’t live in Westminster, please contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group for details of your local counselling services.

We are not currently funded to provide talking therapies to anyone who lives in the boroughs of Brent or Wandsworth.

We accept referrals from other health professionals: for example your midwife, health visitor or practice nurse.

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Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 7259 8129


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