Archive February 2018

If you’re a volunteer for Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster Mind, you can now be rewarded for your hard-work through the ‘Value You’ discount card.

For volunteers who have racked up over 100 volunteering hours, the Value You card provides discounts to local shops and businesses. You’ll receive a certificate acknowledging your achievement and a gift card too!

To register, simply notify your team leader you will be applying for a card, then enter your details on the Value You website.

Are you a volunteer for BWW Mind? Would you like to share your story about why you volunteer? If so, please contact [email protected] 


We are delighted to unveil our newest video, with the lovely Helen talking about our supported housing scheme!


Helen is a service user who struggled with anxiety and depression. After being made redundant, she struggled to keep up with the rent on her privately rented property. She was effectively made homeless and spent a time moving from house to house. Eventually, Helen sought advice and guidance from BWW Mind, who helped her secure housing. Now, on the road to recovery, Helen feels she is able to put the wheels into motion for her to live independently once again.

Could you be eligible for supported housing? Find out now.

Every 1st February, mental health organisations come together for ‘Time to Talk’ day – a national day of raising awareness and breaking down the stigmas surrounding mental health, pioneered by Time to Change.


On this day, we encourage people to be open with the people in their lives about the problems they are experiencing. Whether it be your spouse, a friend or even your boss, talking to someone about how you are feeling is the first step to understanding you don’t need to suffer in silence and that you are not alone.

Non-judgmental help and support is out there for you. It is advisable to speak to your GP if you notice that you have felt unusual for a while. Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster Mind also offer a range of services for those concerned about their mental wellbeing and we are always happy to advise you.

Why not look at the services we offer in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster ?