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Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster Mind is alive with the sound of music! No, we haven’t stepped into a Julie Andrews film – it’s our wonderful Westminster Sings choir that has been filling the halls with their dulcet tones.

The choir has been meeting regularly at our offices in Pimlico, lead by the hugely talented choirmaster David Phelops. Curious staff have even joined in, lured by the sound of singing throughout the office!

In partnership with the Westminster council, we are delivering this fun and light-hearted choir, which is open to all, even if you are not a service user. Community singing has been found to improve overall wellbeing and reduce loneliness, so can be great for improving your mental health and mood.

If this sounds like something you’d to take part in, please contact Fateha on [email protected]

The choir will be making its big debut on 16th April at Kensington Town Hall. We do hope you will be able to attend!





Here at Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster Mind, we are lucky enough to have some truly fantastic budding poets amongst our staff and service users.  Akin Olusanya is just one such poet, who has agreed to share his amazing poetry with us.

Inspired by our Talking Therapies service, Akin has reflected on his experiences through the medium of poetry.  We hope his poetry will inspire you to make use of our Talking Therapies service if you could do with some extra support:


When the voices I hear and the voices that press

Weigh down upon my mind in fear

And my feet goes numb, feelings of being stuck

A companion to these four walls, my world

Struck by the silent persistent whisper – Your radiant sun is out there

Taking a deep breath, I take a first step, I search

Oh look; what do I see here?

Privacy and confidence,

My troubles – safely I share

Seek out this path

Seek counselling

Talking Therapies from Mind

I’m functioning once again


To register your interest in our Talking Therapies, please visit this page and submit an enquiry.

World Poetry Day is an international day celebrating the power and beauty of words and poetry. Poetry can be a wonderful and cathartic way of working through feelings and emotions. Many famous poets used words to work through their mental health issues, including Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allen Poe, Lord Byron and John Keats. Why not check out some of the wonderful poems that will be available today on World Poetry Day?

To celebrate World Poetry Day, we are sharing some of the amazing poetry written one of our very own service users. The highly talented Akinola Olusanya felt compelled to express through the power of poetry how it can feel to experience a mental health issue. We think that this extremely moving poem gives a powerful insight into how mental health problems can leave you feeling deflated and unlike your usual self, as well as touching on feelings of isolation and the fear of stigma.  Read below:

An afternoon when butterflies flap colourful wings

That’s when I think

There is no colour in me;

I work in the city, climbed up that ladder

Got me the office

Seems I’m living the dream;

No one knows my pain, no one understands

No one there, when Doctor Chen said

Result of an early trauma – it’s a mental illness

All colour has left me;

Can’t tell my friends, cant share with cousin Fred

Mocked, ridiculed, ostracised

– my greatest fears;

Listen to me; don’t crucify

Listen to me; don’t stigmatize

Mental illness happens

We need to talk about this;  

Let’s talk mental health

Get this conversation going

Let’s put back

Some radiant colour here.



Have you written some poetry about your experiences of mental health? Perhaps you’ve put pen to paper yourself in honour of World Poetry Day. We’d love to hear from you. To submit your poem to us, please email [email protected]

Are you living in the Borough of Brent and in need of some emergency funding?

The Chalkhill Community Trust Fund has been set up to support the residents of the Chalkhill with funding for community projects serving the area, as well as providing emergency welfare funding to those who need financial support due to emergency situations or unexpected circumstances.

Previous support projects have included funding a CSCS card for a Chalkhill resident, to enable them to secure permanent work, as well as funding to buy urgent items to improve the quality of home living for residents.

We encourage you to apply for funding if you are in need and are eligible as a Chalkhill resident. You can find out more by visiting