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If you are a GP, a mental health or other professional looking for a service for a patient, client or someone you are working with, we offer a portfolio of services that can be easily accessed by completing the online referral form.

We provide:

  • A range of Talking Therapies and Wellbeing services including CBT based IAPT services, our Mother Tongue Counselling service and Mindfulness and  other programmes
  • Community support and befriending for people who may struggle to engage with mental health services and who are particularly socially isolated and at risk
  • Training, mentoring, creative learning, peer development and social activities that support children and young people between the ages of 13 and 25 in schools, colleges, youth centres and other settings to develop their resilience and manage their mental wellbeing
  • Building Employment Skills and Training: Enabling and supporting people to develop their confidence, self-management, communication and life skills to better enhance their chances of gaining and sustaining paid employment through education, training volunteering and work placement.
  • A range of personal development programmes and non-classroom based learning to improve wellbeing, social connection, interests and knowledge, in particular for people who shy away from formal learning.
  • A menu of creative learning and development programmes including therapeutic art, photography, music appreciation, guitar and drum workshops, electronic music programmes, creative writing for wellbeing and more.

To find out more about our services and how to refer please go to our How We Can Help

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