How it feels to suffer with mental health problems: a personal perspective

Richard* suffers with long and enduring mental health problems. To help sustain his recovery he is a regular visitor to our Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub and enjoys participating in a range of creative and intellectual groups. He recently wrote this poem which beautifully brings to life his experiences. 

The Glow worm

There was a glow worm who just didn’t know how to glow anymore.  Try what he may he remained continuously dark and dull and he did feel so very unattractive.  He was not shining in the dark like other glow worms could glow on the trees in the dark.  He used to call himself Alpha-Spencer when he loved life. Now life was just awesome for how dull and dreary it got he no longer felt “Alpha” he was just spent and only “Spencer”.

Then he suddenly had a brilliant idea that formulated in his old curmudgeonly brain.  It was simply to believe the most beautiful of himself and others and to never doubt the authenticity of his loves and the beauty of all life.  With this blindingly beautiful insight it was like he was surcharged metaphorically with lightening again and yes can you believe it he started to glow like every other “Normal” glow worm shining so beautifully on the trees?  He was no longer always wrong but just as beautiful as every other glow worm hanging on the tree. He felt so chuffed and just had to squeal with delight. 




*name changed to protect identity

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