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The Power of Creative Expression

We recognise the therapeutic and enjoyable qualities that many art forms can offer people. Our art, music, written and spoken word workshops, exhibitions, activities and creative opportunities are available to anyone with mental health needs. Read on for more information about what we offer in each area.

Portugal Prints

Portugal Prints has been offering a friendly and supportive therapeutic art programmes to people with mental health difficulties for over 35 years. We run creative workshops, art psychotherapy, commercial design and work experience, gallery visits, education, training, volunteering and work opportunities.

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Art Psychotherapy

Art psychotherapy is an opportunity to meet individually or in a group with a qualified Art Psychotherapist to use art materials as a way to express and communicate your thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to talk about. You do not need to have any prior experience or expertise to do art therapy.

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Create Digital Music

“Electronic Logic” is a digital music course using the Apple Logic Pro Electronic Music programme. It is for anyone interested in music or music making and works particularly well for people who may not have the confidence or learning to play a musical instrument.

People work in groups in our IT suite in order to develop their skills and confidence in using digital technology, compose and perform a piece of music from scratch, develop their skills and their peer networks.

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Mental Health Information

For information on local services and activities that support better mental health and wellbeing

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If you have energy, experience and enthusiasm and want to make a difference in people's lives

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