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Art psychotherapy is an opportunity to meet individually or in a group with a qualified Art Psychotherapist to use art materials as a way to express and communicate your thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to talk about. You do not need to have any prior experience or expertise to do art therapy.

What we do

We offer individual or group sessions based on what you feel would be most suited to your needs.

  • Individual sessions are held weekly for 8-12 weeks.
  • Small group art therapy is held between Nov-May, with a maximum of four clients.
  • Open art therapy is a weekly drop-in group available for people who may need occasional support to help manage life’s ups and downs.

If you register interest, we will contact you to gather a few more details and arrange a first meeting to discuss how we can support you.

Who is it for?

To join Art Psychotherapy at Portugal Prints you will need to have current contact with mental health services or to be referred by your GP. However, we do accept self-referrals. We welcome referrals from anyone who is aged 18 or older who is finding it hard to express their worries or difficulties in words. Art Psychotherapy can help people who have presented, or been identified with emotional, psychological or behavioural difficulties. 

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Tel: 020 726 227809


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