Resources for Mental Health

Need support and advice on managing your mental health? Perhaps you want to know how to help a friend or family member who seems to be struggling, or simply want to educate yourself about the different types of  mental health conditions? Whether you’re a medical professional or just looking for some information, our simple guides have been created to give equip you with the tools to understand how you can maintain positive mental wellbeing.

Simply click on the links below to download any of our mental health information resources. 

How To….

Anxiety Management Resources for Westminster Schools

Manage your mental health during lockdown: Resources for adults

Manage your mental health during lockdown: Resources for children

Manage your mental health when working at home

How To Manage Stress

How To Cope With Anger

How To Cope With Suicidal Feelings

How To Support Someone Suicidal

How To Be Mentally Healthy At Work

How To Cope With Sleep Problems

How To Improve And Maintain Your Mental Wellbeing

How To Cope As A Carer


Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Mental Health Problems

Understanding Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Understanding Depression

Understanding bi-polar

Understanding Self Harm

Understanding Schizophrenia

Understanding Postnatal Depression And Perinatal Mental Health

Understanding Personality Disorders

Making Sense Of Peer Support


For more information about where you can access further support, please visit our the Local Mental Health Service Directories section on our Help Now page.


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