Mental Health Training

Why does mental training matter?

  • It helps individuals better protect their own mental health
  • It helps individuals and organisations better understand the signs and symptoms of decreasing mental health, and how to take action
  • Poor mental health is the number one reason for staff absence
  • By improving understanding we are combating stigma and changing the experience of people affected by poor mental health in the UK
  • It builds confident to talk about mental health and how to respond when problems arise. 

What do we offer? 

  • Digital and online training
  • Standard and bespoke training, including accredited courses
  • In normal times, we also offer face-to-face training
  • We work with individuals, businesses, the public sector and any person or organisation that wants to improve mental health
  • A range of training topics focused on helping to reduce workplace stigma and encourage a positive, healthy and productive workplace culture

Get in touch via [email protected] or 07597 800840


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