About Community Befriending

Despite the current coronavirus situation we continue to provide this service within the limitations imposed. 

The Community Befriending service aims to support people in the community who experience moderate to high mental distress. It matches befrienders with people who feel isolated and often find it hard to cope with life on a daily basis.

Community Befrienders help people develop self-management skills, confidence and self-esteem and to move towards independence and life beyond services. Service users are encouraged to develop their interests, connect with peers and become more active in the wider community.

Community befrienders have an awareness of mental distress and a commitment to enablement and empowerment. They are paid workers who receive supervision and training on working on a one-to-one basis with people living independently or in supported accommodation. Community befrienders are recruited from different areas of the community and they have a variety of age and backgrounds.

What We Do

We will support you with basic household tasks, such as doing shopping or cooking together, help with attending appointments, going to the gym or other leisure activities, or just going for a coffee and a chat. The activities are many and varied and will be agreed at the initial assessment meeting.

Befrienders work with you to help you to keep safe, be better connected and engaged with the care you need and to develop your connections with the community and mainstream services. They will help you to better manage your health and wellbeing, to make the most of your talents and strengths, to build up your confidence and skills and to lead the life you want to lead.

In order to ensure that you get the best from the support and can engage in activities of your choice, meetings with or visits from your befriender will be for at least two hours.

Who Is It For?

The service is for anyone with serious or long standing mental health problems. You will be required to pay for the service either from your own resources or by accessing a social care personal budget. There is an hourly rate for the service.

How Much Does It Cost?

The service costs £17.95 per hour.  Additional expenses can be allocated to cover the cost of any activities undertaken by the client and the befriender during the session, however, this is optional. There is no limit on the number of visits someone may receive from a befriender, but there is a minimum of one 2-hour visit a week. The service is provided during the day, evenings and weekends, seven days a week.

What Happens Next?

Once a referral is received, an assessment is arranged with the individual being referred. This involves providing them with information about befriender, discussing their interests and their preferred times for the visit. It allows for an initial health and safety risk assessment to take place and also provides an opportunity to agree the objectives of the visit with the client and the referrer.

When suitable befriender is found Coordinator will oversee the introduction. This Intro-Meeting with befriender is charged and meeting is scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours. Once the introduction has taken place the service is then monitored and reviewed after six months and then every year. Community Befriending service will liaise with the referrer regarding concerns about the client or changes to the service.

In case a client cancels a visit with less than 48 hours’ notice we are still committed to paying the Befriender for maximum of two hours per cancelled/aborted visit.  Likewise, the befriender will endeavour to make up for any visits lost due to unavoidable personal commitments.

As a member of Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster Mind, your client will also be able to join in all our extra workshops and activities held in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster hubs, and have access to our support for volunteering service BEST (Building Education, Skills and Training).

Contact Details and Times

To request a referral form and more information, please contact, Jasminka Bajramovic, Community Befriending Coordinator on 020 7259 8123 or email:
[email protected]

This service is available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Interested in Becoming a Befriender?

We have a rolling recruitment for new Community Befrienders, if you want to find out more, please go to Work For Us page.

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