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About this service

The Transition service is for looked after children (in care) and also care leavers, within the Wandsworth Borough.  It focuses on Young adults who are transitioning from being a looked after child to living independently, we acknowledge the emotional distress this may have on young adults and their mental wellbeing.  Transition service offered an evening support groups, where young people can participate within meaningful creative activities and support groups and meeting other young people with similar experiences.

Who is it for?

Transition is for people aged 17.5-19.5 years who are experiencing mental health difficulties and are transitioning from being in care to independent living.  We aim to addresses such themes through our talking groups, which will cover, emotional resilience, self-esteem and confidence building.

We will require information about the person’s needs to ensure that the services are safe and suitable for the individual.  A referral form will need to be completed, together with an up to date risk assessment to be completed by a professional working with the young person wishing to access the service.

What we do

We meet once a week every Tuesday evening were the young people’s coordinator will facilitate creative activities and talk groups.  Creative activities will include, art and music workshops, media and visual arts, cookery classes.  We also have a buddying system where new members are matched with a buddy, who can support them throughout the Transition Group Sessions.  Group sessions will include open discussions and activities around self-esteem, confidence building and emotional resilience, relationships and loss and trauma.

Doing this together helps young people to develop new peers and develop their socialising skills as well as, learning about the difficulties that young people face when leaving care and moving towards living independently and how these difficulties can be overcome.


Transition Services are based at Wandswoth Tooting Wellbeing Hub, 201-203 Tooting High Street, London SW17 0SZ.


Every Tuesday between 6-9pm

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Tel: 020 7259 8102

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