About Westminster Wellbeing Hub

Despite the current coronavirus situation we continue to offer recovery support services within the limitations imposed. 

Our Westminster Wellbeing Hub provides a safe and supportive centre where you can meet with people in a social setting and take part in activities, or engage with services which will help improve wellbeing, build confidence, resilience, skills, connections and independence.

What We Do

Services and activities are available to anyone who wants to improve their mental wellbeing, connect to their local communities and get more out of life.

We work in partnership with our service users, volunteers, the council, health services, other providers and organisations to provide a menu of services and activities to help you to:

  • Develop your interests and become more active
  • Better manage your emotional and psychological wellbeing and deal with difficulties
  • Get to know your local communities and connect with peers
  • Get into education, training, volunteering and work
  • Have more say about the support and service you receive in the community
  • Make friends and have more fun
  • Move towards independence and life beyond our services
  • Provide more information on Wellbeing Support in Westminster


Our current range of activities

Being physically and mentally active tends to be easier if you choose an activity that you enjoy, and that fits into your daily life. Our Westminster hub provide a range of activities designed to improve your mental wellbeing, this ranges from: yoga, fitness classes, gardening, music therapy and non contact boxing. 

For more information please email:

[email protected]

Or call 0207 259 8122

Self Referral Form

If you would like to self refer you can use our self referral form.

To self-refer click here

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