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For Arabic and Farsi (Persian) speaking communities in
Kensington & Chelsea, Queens Park and Paddington.

Winner of the Westminster Community Award for the Best Neighbourhood Project  2017

About This Service

The Mother Tongue Counselling Service is  part of the wider West London Community Living Well Network, and is delivered by the Talking Therapies & Wellbeing Service run by Brent, Wandsworth & Westminster Mind.

It aims to integrate Arabic and Farsi (Persian) speaking communities from Kensington & Chelsea, Queens Park and Paddington into primary care mental health services, by providing effective, accessible and culturally capable one-to-one counselling in their mother tongue languages, along with wellbeing groups and workshops around mental & emotional health, tailored to suit the needs of the group.

Aims Of This Service

The Mother Tongue Counselling Service is personalised to suit the linguistic and cultural needs of Arabic and Farsi (Persian) communities in Kensington & Chelsea, Queens Park and Paddington. Our aim is to provide equitable talking therapy experiences and outcomes to enhance the wellbeing of Arabic and Farsi speaking communities. As a part of this service, you will also be able to participate and engage in interactive workshops around mental health awareness, guided self-help, myth-busting and wellbeing.

Everyone belongs to an ethnic community. The cultural customs, experiences and understanding of wellbeing varies from community to community. We live in an ethnically diverse city where people may struggle for whatever reason  to find or access the support that works for them. 

This service has been designed to ensure that whatever a person’s ethnicity, culture, language or faith, they are able to access talking therapies in ways that are meaningful and work for them. 

Who Is It For?

The service is for people who:

What We Offer:

One-to-one IAPT compliant counselling

Free and short-term (6-12 sessions) talking therapy support in Farsi (Persian) and Arabic languages, for management of mild to moderate symptoms of common mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.

Wellbeing Programme

In the form of one-off self-help workshops or weekly psycho-educational groups (with interpretation in Arabic & Farsi) on topics related to mental health awareness and emotional wellbeing. They can be arranged with any existing groups or community members by contacting the Community Development Worker at the details mentioned below.

Translated Literature

Translated literature on common mental health issues, frequently used terms, self-help techniques and information on signposting and referral to other local services in the community, in order to raise awareness, bust the stigma, bridge the communication gap and most importantly sustain recovery as part of integrated care.


We respect the privacy of the service users. Any information discussed in the sessions will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party without the consent, or under exceptional circumstances, such as risk or harm to self or others.

The Team

The counsellors and facilitators are trained, accredited, and are sensitive to individual and cultural needs, and the assessments, counselling sessions and group work are culturally adaptable.


The one-to-one service is offered at a variety of integrated-care venues in the community, including St Charles Centre for Health & Wellbeing in North Kensington. The groups & workshops can be organised at any community location where people already assemble for other activities, depending on the convenience of the participants.

Location and Contact Details

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Tel: 020 7259 8120
Email: [email protected]

For confidential information:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 077 1563 6626


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