How We Can Help

Poetry in Mind is a fortnightly group in which we explore and share our experiences through the medium of Poetry. We use the power of words to help to rebuild confidence and express ourselves in a creative, positive way.

Aims of the Group

To provide healing, support, creative engagement, structured learning … and a social setting in which to meet new people.


How is poetry powerful?

There are a number of reasons for writing, reading and sharing poetry.

  • It can help you figure out how you feel
  • It’s a chance to share your unique experiences
  • It’s a powerful form of self-expression
  • Writing can help you cope – instead of bottling your feelings, poetry is a cathartic way to deal with your emotions.
  • Poetry can help you see the world differently
  • Poetry can move you


Join Us!

Our poetry group is held every other Friday from 3pm-5pm in our Westminster office at Hopkinson House, 6 Osbert Street, London, SW1P 2QU.

To register your interest, please contact us on [email protected] or call 0207 259 8100.

Our Funders