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What is Be Kind to Your Mind?

In a nutshell, it is a pioneering service to boost positive mental health for young people in West London. It is provided by CAMHS funding in collaboration with 3 local minds providing mental health support in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham. Read on to find out what is available.


The mentoring project aims to:

  • Change the way young people perceive mental health.
  • Improve motivation.
  • Raise levels of confidence, aspiration & empowerment.
  • Improve how young people manage their mental health.
  • Develop skills which may lead to employment.

By attending our wellbeing coaching programme, young people will learn to be wellbeing coaches. They will then work in their schools, colleges or other settings, offering information, guidance and support to peers about mental health and wellbeing. They will do this through ongoing peer relationships and by offering support and signposting to specific services where relevant.

The wellbeing coaches will accompany the young people they are mentoring in social activities, maybe going out for coffee or enjoying shared interests, as well as offering general guidance about how to cope with stressors in their particular situations and look after their wellbeing more effectively.

Creative Psychotherapy

This programme is for young people (11 to 16) who find it hard to express their worries or difficulties in words, who have presented as struggling with emotional, psychological or behavioural difficulties.

The programme, delivered in 10 weekly sessions, for up to 10 young people at a time aims to:

  • provide a safe, therapeutic space for young people to explore and express their emotional and mental health needs
  • help young people examine and understand the communication and behavioural patterns in their relationships
  • support their expression of themselves in an inclusive and non-judgmental environment
  • support young people to better manage their mental health and wellbeing, communicate better, and be able to ask for and access the help they need more effectively

Mental Health First Aid Youth Training 

The aims of Mental Health First Aid youth training include the following:

  • To spot the early signs of a mental health issue in young people
  • To feel confident about providing support and help on a first aid basis,
  • To help protect a young person who may be at risk from hurting themselves or others
  • To help stop a mental health issue from getting worse and to help someone recover faster.
  • To guide young people towards the right support
  • To normalise and reduce the stigma of mental health issues

Learn Well 

The Learn Well programme is a 6 module psychoeducational workshop programme aimed at improving young people’s (11-16) psychological wellbeing by building resilience, promoting positive practices, highlighting adaptive coping skills and raising awareness and confidence of how to get help if their mental health deteriorates.

Learn Well also offers sessions to educate teachers and parents to understand young people’s needs and develop supportive measures relating to wellbeing.

In Education Support 

The In Education Support Service provides practical 121 mental health support to young people at college (14 to 25) with mental health problems who are transitioning in their life.

Based on site at college and through face to face, telephone or email support sessions, students can explore practical ways of managing their mental health, as well as being supported to discuss reasonable adjustments with their teachers and being signposted to other relevant services such as talking therapies.

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We will require further information about the person’s needs to ensure that the services are safe and suitable for the individual requiring them. This will include a risk assessment to be completed by a professional working with the person wishing to access the service.

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