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Based at the Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub in Tooting, this young adults peer support group generally meets at venues and locations around Wandsworth and south west London. People with mental health difficulties are often isolated in their communities and lack the confidence to remedy this. SW18 Club facilities those affected to re-engage with the community and what it has to offer.

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Who is it for?

SW18 Club is for people aged 18-35 who have experienced mental health difficulties, and as a consequence have experienced a negative impact on their ability to engage in activities, either on their own or with others. We will require further information about the person’s needs to ensure that the services are safe and suitable for the individual requiring them. This will include a risk assessment to be completed by a professional working with the person wishing to access the service.

What we do

We are a group of people who meet up to do many different activities, some that people have done before, for others they are new, and participate in them as a group of friends. Doing this together helps people to make new friends, and re-develop confidence in socialising and participating in activities.


Currently we meet in many community settings, around Wandsworth and some other parts of London. We also make use of the Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub.


We meet the first and third Tuesday of every month in the evening. Times and duration vary on the activity we do.

Contact us

Tel: 020 7259 8128

Email: [email protected]

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