Managing separation from family and loves ones at important times

Be it a special birthday, religious festival or other time when you would usually be with those you love, the current coronavirus social distancing and self-isolation practices have made these gatherings impossible. This is hard for many of us and whilst there is no replacement for being with a someone you love in person, we hope that these tips and ideas might help.

Get techy

If the people you love have a smartphone and access to internet connection why not try one of the many apps that allow you to see each other? Having asked around here at Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster, the team mostly use WhatsApp and FaceTime to talk with and see their loved ones.

Meet in groups

If you want to spend time together in groups why not try using Zoom or the HouseParty app. Both of these online tools allow multiple people to gather, see each other, talk and share. Several members of our team are arranging family lunches and evening meals with everyone gathering on Zoom to celebrate Passover and Easter.

Virtual sharing

How about setting up group emails, WhatsApp groups or other social media groups? It’s a great way to share photo’s, jokes and updates. You can be in touch with people, pick up messages and share thoughts at whatever time suits you.

You’ve got mail

The Royal Mail is still working so why not send something in the post? Many of the online shops and outlets are still taking orders and delivering too so you could send each other small things like your favourite book.

The good old fashioned phone

And of course, use the phone for either longer conversation or when you just want to talk one to one. Take the time to call at least one person everyday, especially those who re living alone. Even if you just have 5 minutes, we all like to know that someone is thinking of us.

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