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Neeta Oza is a yoga and pilates instructor, qualified personal trainer and health and fitness blogger. In between all that, she’s also found time to author her first book –  ‘My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual’. Neeta was also previously a volunteer with us in 2007.  In November 2018, Neeta will be premiering her book – and has very kindly offered to donate 50% of her book profits to BWW Mind. Thanks Neeta! We asked Neeta about her motivation for supporting us in this way. Read her story:

“I started volunteering for MIND in 2005-2007 – and was featured in the Brent Mind Impact Report 2005-2006 (I still have a copy!)

This was for The Rainbow Group – held every Thursday from 10am-1pm – for women over 55, who either wanted a social outlet, were elderly, or had mental health issues

There were a whole variety of amazing ladies and I learn a lot from them

I had to be on-the-ball – ready to answer questions, converse, discuss current affairs, make numerous teas, get biscuits – and sometimes prepare lunch – they all definitely had high standards!

We went on a couple of outings – to a local Indian restaurant, and to Kensington Palace – really fun days out

I’ve always respected MIND, and although I was a volunteer, I feel the MIND employees, as well as the group attendees gave me so much in return, without actually being aware of it

In the modern world of hectic lifestyles where having an aligned mindset is key, I’ll always remember MIND and the positive impact it seemed to have on the life of the lovely ladies, as well as myself.”


You can find out more about Neeta’s book and pre-order it by visiting Hashtag Press.

Check out Neeta’s website too:

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