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We would like to introduce you to Paige. Paige set herself an epic challenge to complete to support Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster. During her challenge we caught up with Paige to find out what she was doing and why she wanted to raise money and help break the stigma surrounding mental health.



“I fundraised for Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster through an exercise challenge where walked at least 15k a day and did 1,500 burpees by the end of the month.

I am supporting this charity as I know the importance and the need of the services that Mind provides. I want to make sure that when people need to access them, they can. As the saying goes you really do not understand or need these services until you have a mental health issue.

I can openly say now I needed to use services like the ‘Talking Therapies’, that Mind In Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster offers, about two years ago to help combat my own thoughts. Through CBT I have learnt to turn around negative thoughts and appreciate myself more. Whilst at the time it was a struggle to go through and I felt embarrassed, it has changed my perception, outlook and behaviour making me return to the person I was before and more.

This is a massive reason that I want to make sure that these services continue to exist and support those who need help.

Mental health and wellbeing are an important part of everyone’s lives, and I don’t think we are taught this enough. I know that Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster support the local communities to encourage better health and well-being, which is another reason that I wanted to support.

I am currently in the Miss All African Colours England 2020 Heat for Miss England and my Beauty with a Purpose project is focusing on breaking the stigma around mental health as well as educating ourselves better on both mental well-being and mental health. I can see how Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster and National Mind are also working to challenge the stigma around mental health to make sure that people are comfortable with addressing any mental health issues. Through my project I want to help support this message to make sure that people acknowledge and seek help when they suffer any illness as well as making sure discrimination stops.

If you raise money for Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster, you are supporting them, but they will also help to support you. Before and during my fundraising challenge they have been amazing at supporting me with fundraising ideas, how to make sure my message gets sent out and how to use social media. Anything you can do, be that fundraising or volunteering will be greatly appreciated. You don’t need to go for a challenge as tough or silly as mine.”


We are pleased to share that Paige completed her challenge and smashed her original target by completing an amazing 2,050 burpees and walked 396.3km in total!

Everyone at Mind Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster would like to say a huge well done and thank her for her wonderful support!


Paige is continuing to fundraise for us so please visit her page to sponsor her efforts here




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