What’s life like if you suffer from Schizophrenia, Severe Depression or Bi-polar Disorder?

As an established provider of mental health services for people suffering with schizophrenia, severe depression or bi-polar disorder, we know that life can be hard for sufferers. Beyond the challenges that they face as a result of their illness, they face a range of other challenges that those without these illnesses are substantially less likely to suffer.

Sufferers are largely socially excluded, financially disadvantaged, suffer prejudice and a wide range of anxiety and low-esteem related issues that make sustainable recovery difficult. They often live in deprivation. They often have complex needs with long-term impacts and have a reduced average life expectancy of between 10 & 25 years (Source: Mental Health Network NHS Confederation).

They often live in fear. 9 out of 10 people with mental health problems experience discrimination (Source: Mind Annual Review 18) and an increasing incidence of Hate Crimes (Source: CATCH report, Mind, 17). They rarely have a network of relationships and people that can support mental health recovery and lack the confidence and motivation to changes. They often lack access to the services needed to support recovery. Funding for mental health services continues to fall in real terms, with drops up to 8.5% dependent on service type with a 3% increase in suicides where the person concerned had a diagnosed mental health issue. (Source: The Mental Health Network NHS Confederation)

In short, life is challenging. Unreasonably and unfairly so. We are working with sufferers across our Community Support programme to change lives and enable everyone to live the life they choose. Please support our work by donating now. 

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