Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19 is disrupting life for everyone. We are working hard to limit the impact it has on our ability to provide essential services for everyone with mental health problems. We don’t know how long this disruption will last. Working with our partners and service commissioners we are maintaining some level of business as usual. For further updates see Coronavirus.


10 top tips for working remotely 

Across the UK and here in London many people are now working from home. 

For many of us, work is a social lifeline. These tips will help you adapt to remote working and in many instances, lone-working.

If you’d like more support about how best to manage your physical and mental health during the coronavirus situation click Coronavirus.

Looking after your mental health is vital for everyone 

Our mental health affects every aspect of our lives – how we think, feel and behave. It defines how we communicate, build relationship and manage adversity. We’re here to make sure that everyone suffering with a mental health problem gets the help they need to recover. 

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