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Our Community Hubs in Westminster and Tooting offer safe and supportive spaces where people can take part in activities or engage with services to help improve their wellbeing, build confidence, resilience, skills, connections and independence.

For people with diagnosed mental health problems, having access to the right tools and support can make all the difference.

We know that people’s recovery journeys progress at different paces and people need different levels of support along the way. Our community based support programme has offered free groups, intensive programmes and personalised services for those aged 11 and up. Designed to enable people to live the life they choose our services enhance wellbeing, build confidence and end isolation.

We cluster services around:

Active and Physical Wellbeing, Community Befriending and Personalised Support, Creative Wellbeing, Employment Skills Building, Educational and Therapeutic Wellbeing, Hub Services, Life Skills, Specialist Groups and Young People. Many of our services are delivered in partnership with statutory organisations and other charitable organisations.

We know that the need for community based recovery services continues to grow. We also know that funding is a challenge. We provide free groups, intensive programmes and personalised services designed for all needs and budgets.

Check out the groups below or get in touch for more information:


Please note, once we recieve your details, we will contact you to send you the full referral form.


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