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Long and enduring mental health problems cause isolation, lack of confidence and discrimination. We’re here to change this.

Mental health problems are common. Up to 1 in 4 people have experienced mental illness.

Stressful events such as losing a job, relationship issues, bereavement or money issues can lead to mental illness. But there can be other factors, like a family history of mental illness.

For people with diagnosed mental health problems, having access to the right tools and support can make all the difference.

We know that people’s recovery journeys progress at different paces and people need different levels of support along the way. Our community based support programme has offered free groups, intensive programmes and personalised services for those aged 11 and up. Designed to enable people to live the life they choose our services enhance wellbeing, build confidence and end isolation.

We cluster services around:

Active and Physical Wellbeing, Community Befriending and Personalised Support, Creative Wellbeing, Employment Skills Building, Educational and Therapeutic Wellbeing, Hub Services, Life Skills, Specialist Groups and Young People. Many of our services are delivered in partnership with statutory organisations and other charitable organisations.

We know that the need for community based recovery services continues to grow. We also know that funding is a challenge. We provide free groups, intensive programmes and personalised services designed for all needs and budgets.

Portugal Prints

Portugal Prints is a creative wellbeing artists collective. We provide a non-clinical but highly therapeutic environment for people living with complex mental health difficulties.

We use art as the platform to help clients gain a sense of purpose and self-development. By working collectively, the project brings people together, supporting them to build relationships and fulfil their potential.

This year we celebrated 40 years and put on an exhibition, London’s Light and Dark, at St Pancras Hospital.


I definitely recommend Portugal Prints. I told my Social worker how much I get from attending that she has now referred other people.



BEST (Building Employment Skills and Training) provides support for people as they try to access education, vocational training, internships, paid and voluntary work.

Clients start by talking with their Programme Coordinator to identify what they want to achieve. With the goals set, they start making a plan to reach them.

The Programme Coordinator provides advice and support, as well as signposting clients to appropriate opportunities. In addition to this one-to-one support, BEST connects people in similar situations through peer to peer groups support as well as digital and online services.


I recommend the service because BEST provides valuable training; it has allowed me to progress in my recovery journey and improved my wellbeing.

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