Music in Mind is a creative digital music production programme. It allows participants to be a part of a social support group, providing users with an outlet for creativity, to build their confidence and skills, and meet likeminded
individuals looking to grow through music.

Music in Mind is not just for the talented instrumentalist, amateur songwriter or motivated youngster. It is for anyone who has a desire to compose, and produce their own music.

What are the mental health benefits?

We aim to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing through reducing symptoms and relapse rates and creating new life opportunities.

Whatever your age, music production can have an enriching and beneficial effect on your life at every stage.

Music can play a valuable role in recovery from mental illness. It can stimulate emotional and aesthetic responses, develop creative, technical, social and vocational skills, improve expression, communication, confidence and self-esteem, and facilitate positive changes in behaviour and wellbeing.

Your aspirations

Whether you’re into House, Hip-Hip, Drum & Bass or Grime, our Music in Mind tutor Karl will support you in achieving the sound you are looking to create.

Music in Mind is committed to supporting people from all backgrounds and life situations to be able to take part in music activities, from learning an instrument, to mastering a production software, or learning how to Dj. The software we teach is Logic Pro, and pro-tools. 

The positive effects of creative participation for those with mental health challenges are well documented–notably in an all-party parliamentary report ‘The Arts for Health and Wellbeing‘.


Mind in Music provides a creative support system which enables service users to access an outlet for creativity, build their confidence and skills, and meet like-minded individuals looking to grow through music.

Who is it for?

Anyone aged 18 or over with a passion for music and mental health.

Contact us:

To find out more including when we meet, where and how to book.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07710092811

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