Schools play a crucial role in promoting mental wellbeing and preventing mental health problems from getting worse for children and young people

Our Whole School Approach Advisors work in schools to identify and address mental health issues early on. This free service includes a wide range of psychoeducational workshops available to young people, parents/carers, and staff. 

Just last year, we led more psycho-educational workshops & assemblies than ever:


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School Workshops

We offer a variety of psychoeducational workshops for children and young people. We work closely with school staff to identify specific topics that are relevant to their needs, and we’re always evolving our approach to ensure we’re providing the best possible support. Our workshops are flexible in their delivery, so we can tailor them to suit the needs of each school. We cover: Depression and low mood; Managing emotions; Growing resilience; Body image’ Relationships online and offline; Friendships and peer pressure. For more information, get in touch.

Parent Workshops

Collaborating with parents and carers is proven to have a positive impact on the wellbeing, attendance, behaviour, sense of belonging, intellectual development, and achievement of children from a variety of backgrounds. We’re committed to supporting parents to promote their child’s mental health by:

  • Developing coping strategies together, to manage their child’s distressing thoughts and increase resilience to future problems.
  • Providing guided self-help tools that empower parents to tackle the difficulties their child is experiencing.
  • Encouraging parents to play an active role in supporting their child’s mental health needs.

Topics include: Understanding children’s behaviours; Screen use; Managing tantrums and frustrations; Communicating with a teenager. Click here for more information.


We believe in creating safe spaces where people can share their thoughts and feedback about our services. We’re dedicated to listening to service user voices and improving our offer accordingly. That’s why we run quarterly User Forums for young people, parent/carers, and schools to provide feedback on our services, ensuring that we’re meeting the needs of our community.

For dates of next forum meetings please contact Whole School Approach Advisors at [email protected]


We’re dedicated to supporting the mental wellbeing of our community, and ournewsletters mean we can share valuable resources to schools, children, young people, parents, carers, and staff. Our monthly newsletter includes tips and information about mental health, as well as updates on our services. If you’d like to receive a copy of our newsletter, please contact [email protected]

Reflective Practice sessions

We offer Reflective Practice sessions for school staff, providing a space to reflect on the strengths and challenges of working in a highly pressurised education environment.

More School Services:

  • Our Mental Health Support Teams provide evidence-based 1:1 and group interventions for CYPs with mild to moderate mental health needs based on CBT principles in 44 Westminster Schools. They are delivered with parents in primary schools and directly with  young people in secondary schools. Click here to learn more
  • If you are a teacher in one of our Westminster schools looking for psychological support, you can self-refer to our counselling service here
  • To check whether your school offers our services, please click here

To refer to the service

Please speak to the designated mental health lead in your school to find out more or book sessions.

I am more aware that my child is at risk of suffering from anxiety in today’s world. We need to be proactive, ready to tackle the problems and face the realities in order to keep children as safe as possible.

Thank you so much for running the sessions. I found the sessions very helpful and informative. It was a great opportunity to hear and share ideas from parents too.

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