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Utilising lived experience to enable hospital transitions and recovery

This peer-support service is delivered in partnership with Oxleas NHS Trust, Mind in Croydon and South East London Mind. Through lived experience, we help people transition from hospital inpatient living to being discharged and becoming independent in the community. We provide emotional and practical support and connect people with community-based services to offer the greatest chance of recovery.

What is peer support?

Peer support is when people use their own lived experiences to help each other.

How it works: 

Returning to your community can feel scary. Peer support workers enable people to apply the skills they learned in hospital and help a person to leave the unit and adjust to life back in the community. They can help with daily activities such as shopping, bills, work/school, and connecting someone with community services and their doctor. They will be available until their support is no longer needed.

Who are Peer Support Workers?

A Peer Support Worker is an individual who has personally navigated mental health challenges, leading to their own journey of recovery.  These experiences equip them to support others through shared understanding, respect, and empowerment. Peer Workers serve as role models for rehabilitation, inspiring hope that recovery is possible

These shared experiences might include:

  • Similar diagnoses
  • Medication
  • Trauma 
  • Personal interests
  • Hospital/clinical experiences
  • Relationships
  • Financial 

How Peer Support can help you

Peer support workers play an important role in improving mental health by offering new perspectives, understanding, and support based on their own lived mental health experiences and recovery.

Peer Support workers:

  • Mentor, coach and provide emotional support
  • Facilitate access to community activities
  • Help connect with family and friends
  • Provide information and resources
  • Support you in forming healthy coping skills
  • Promote empowerment and self-advocacy 
  • Support in the home and with finances
  • Pursuing social or vocational interests
  • Help you open up about your feelings and experiences
  • Reassure you that you’re not alone

Where’s the service available?

The service is available in several wards across Wandsworth, Lambeth, Greenwich and Croydon. Our Peer Support Workers are based in Phoenix and Burntwood Villas ward at Springfield University Hospital in Wandsworth.

We offer a combination of emotional and practical support to enable the individual to adapt to initial changes and build effective skills. Please note, our service is only available to referrals from inpatient settings at Phoenix and Burntwood Villas.

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