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We know that housing and mental health are often linked. Poor mental health makes it hard to cope with housing problems, and housing problems can make your mental health worse.

In London Borough of Wandsworth, we provide short term low floating support to those who have been diagnosed with mental health issues. We know that housing and mental health are often linked and absence of stable housing can have severe impact on people’s mental health. Our floating support service comprises units of supported housing with visiting low support.

The floating support service is for residents of the borough of Wandsworth that require temporary accommodation and accompanying support for a period of up to two years until being allocated permanent accommodation. Our supported housing units mirror independent living. They are aimed at further supporting vulnerable people in their recovery journey. There are no support staff on site but support staff visit at least once a month.  

The overall objective of our support services in Wandsworth is for people using our services to develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible in their communities, and for those temporarily placed in our supported housing to eventually be ready to move into their own homes and live as independently as possible thereafter.  

We support people who:

  • Are aged between 18 and 65 
  • Live in the borough of Wandsworth 
  • Are stable on their medication managed by Care Coordinator 
  • Are willing to engage with the support service 

The support we provide includes:

  • Support to address issues with welfare benefits 
  • Support to maintain, sustain and or manage tenancy and prevent homelessness 
  • Support to book appointments and complete forms 
  • Support to promote independence, social inclusion and an improved quality of life 
  • Support to develop independent living skills for self-management   
  • Support to Improve social networks and relationships 
  • Support to engage in the community 
  • Support to engage in leisure activities 
  • Support to engage with employment and training services 
  • Support to engage in other services identified in support planning 
  • Work in partnership with, and link people to other organisations, both specialist and mainstream 
  • General Advocacy 

What low floating support can’t help with

  • Provision of personal care or domestic duties like cleaning, shopping, cooking, DIY, gardening etc.  
  • Drug and alcohol use 
  • Personal care or Management of medication 
  • Offending and legal issues 
  • Nationality and other immigration matters 
  • Routine or repeated Accompanying to Appointment 


Quotes from Service Users:

My outlook has changed. I am involved in more activities in the community and I have a better outlook on life and society.

Obafemi, Wandsworth

Wandsworth and Westminster Mind provided me with safe, secure and helpful supported housing when I was most vulnerable.

Tina, Wandsworth

How can I access the service?

All referrals to our service need to be assessed through the Specialist Housing Accommodation Project Team (SHAP Team) at Department of Adult Social Services, Wandsworth Council.

We cannot accept self-referrals of service users or from other professionals working for statutory or non-statutory organisations.  

If you are in need of housing advice please contact your mental health professional or visit Shelter.

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