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We know that housing and mental health are often linked. Poor mental health makes it hard to cope with housing problems, and housing problems can make your mental health worse.

Within Brent and Wandsworth our housing support team provide assistance to people who have been affected by mental ill health to achieve fulfilling lives. In Brent we offer a Housing-Related Support service, and in Wandsworth we deliver a Floating Support service.

Our main aim is for people using our services to develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible in their communities and to eventually be ready to move into their own homes.

How does it work?

Each client is supported by our specialised team of support staff including key workers and recovery support workers. Key workers support clients through the move-in process and visit clients regularly either in their homes or in the community for the duration of the tenancy. We also provide an out of hours support number. We help clients to identify their goals and complete their recovery with support plans tailored to their individual needs.

The aims of our services are:

  • To promote independence, social inclusion and an improved quality of life
  • To prevent homelessness and events leading to homelessness
  • To reduce admissions to hospital, and the likelihood of admission to hospital
  • To provide personal recovery and empowerment
  • To improve physical health and wellbeing for people with mental health issues
  • To assist in the process of establishing stable and cohesive communities
  • To work in partnership with, and link people to other organisations, both specialist and mainstream

The type of support we provide:

  • Support to develop daily living skills such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and using public transport.
  • Support to use local services such as the Post Office, leisure centres, community centres, and accompaniment to doctors’ appointments.
  • Help to acquire money skills to pay bills, and to budget efficiently.
  • Aide to understand bills, benefits, rent and other payments, and access to benefits advice.
  • Assistance with  maintenance requests and in some cases making health and safety checks.


Quotes from Service Users:

My outlook has changed. I am involved in more activities in the community and I have a better outlook on life and society.

Obafemi, Wandsworth

Wandsworth and Westminster Mind provided me with safe, secure and helpful supported housing when I was most vulnerable.

Tina, Wandsworth

How can I access the service?

Our housing support is for people aged 18-65 known to housing support services in the borough of Wandsworth. 

People can only be referred to us via mental health professionals through the local authority only, we cannot accept self-referrals

If you are in need of housing advice please contact your mental health professional or visit Shelter.

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