We work with 9 youth hubs in Westminster, Kensington, and Chelsea to help bridge gaps in the mental health system.

Research shows that young people benefit from mental health support in familiar, relaxed environments like youth clubs. Our approach allows young people to discuss their mental health more openly, and we can identify those who need support. We offer preventative and early intervention support across 9 youth clubs to address mental health, friendship, or youth violence issues.

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Why is this important?

  • Some young people are don’t feel comfortable disclosing issues in school, but in local youth clubs a relaxed environment is more conducive to opening up
  • There are gaps in the system for preventative and early intervention support for children
  • Schools cannot provide all the necessary services and support for young people

What’s our solution?

  • We work in Youth Club settings to provide better access to mental health services
  • We create individualised care plans and packages and help young people to access self-help and wider community support systems
  • We offer group wellbeing sessions and can identify young people who need further 1:1 support
  • For those needing higher levels of support, they are referred to CAMHs, EMHP’s or non-statutory services in the community

Where is it available?

  • The Avenues Youth Project
  • Amberley Youth Club.
  • Fourth Feathers Youth Association
  • St Andrews Youth Club
  • Churchill Gardens Youth Club
  • Rugby Portobello Trust
  • Lancaster Youth Hub
  • Harrow Club
  • Chelsea Youth Club

Topics our sessions cover range across:

Low mood; Stress; Worry and anxiety; Self-care; Physical wellbeing; Emotional regulation; Stress and worry; Low-level anxiety; Healthy relationships; Navigating online spaces; Body image and self-esteem; The importance of sleep; exercise and wellbeing; Relationships with food.

Having a designated MH YW stationed at the youth club is invaluable to the service. The undiagnosed needs tend to be overlooked due to a lack of time and resources, but with a Mental Youth Worker here that need is rapidly being addressed.

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