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Sometimes it can be hard to get started with your fundraising. We’ve put together some of our top tips for a successful fundraiser & a list of ideas to inspire you.

Decide how you’ll fundraise

Whether you want to take part in an active challenge, to hold a bake sale or shave your hair – there are many ways you can raise funds to support us. Need some inspiration? Check out all of our top ideas to get you started.

Register your fundraising
idea with us

We want to hear all about your plans and support you through your fundraising journey, register your event or ideas with us here. Please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Set up an online page and give yourself a target

A JustGiving page is a quick and easy way for your friends and family to donate and keep updated with your fundraising journey. Set yourself a fundraising target, this can help you get up to 45% more donations. Don’t stop if you hit your target – aim even higher!

Tell your fundraising story

Personalise your page with pictures and details to let everyone know your story and why you have chosen to support us.

Spread the word!

You’re doing something amazing! Make sure you’re regularly sharing your fundraising page with family, friends, colleagues or even local businesses. Whether you’ve hit a fundraising milestone or smashed a training goal, update your online page and share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp or even texts too.

Get our Fundraising Resources

Once you’ve registered your fundraiser with us, we will send our fundraising guide, forms and other resources for you to download.

Please note, any money raised through online fundraising pages set up via JustGiving will be transferred automatically to the BWW Mind bank account. If you have raised funds offline, you can click here to learn more about paying in your funds.

Fundraising Ideas

Quick & Easy
  1. Do something brave: shave your head, beard or moustache. Or do the opposite and see how long they’ll grow. Show your friends on social media and get sponsored.
  2. Guess the baby: ask your colleagues to bring in their baby photos and see if they can guess who’s who!
  3. Guess the number: Fill a jar full of sweets and ask colleagues to donate a small amount to guess the amount in the jar. Winner gets to take them all home!
  4. Book sale: Ask your friends or colleagues to donate their preloved books and sell them in aid of BWW Mind.
  5. Bad shirt day: ask people to wear their worst or most funky t-shirt or tie and ask for donations to join in.
  6. Coffee morning: host a coffee morning and have a catch up and a cuppa while raising money.
  7. Fifty Pence Fridays: ask staff to collect their pennies and bring them on a specified day. Make it ‘50p Friday’ or ‘£1 Wednesday’, you’ll be amazed how much you raise.
  1. Challenge yourself: sign up to a 10k, half or full marathon and raise money for BWW Mind.
  2. Extreme adventures: Cycle, Hike the Yorkshire Three Peaks, climb Kilimajaro or even bunjee jump for charity.
  3. Charity sports match: get your local football, rugby, cricket or other teams to have a charity match where ticket entry goes to BWW Mind.
  4. Sponsored swim: whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just starting out, this is a great way to raise money to support BWW Mind.
  1. Global Food Day: Share your culinary talents and cook your favourite dishes or something you’ve always wanted to try from another country. The tastier the dish, the higher the donation.
  2. Get knitting: knit or crochet jumpers, scarves, hats or even toys and sell them in aid of BWW Mind!
  3. Jewellery making: buy your own beads and get creative with designing your own bracelets, necklaces or earrings that people can buy for a donation.
  4. Season’s greetings: make and sell your own greeting cards for different occasions across the year.
  5. Happy Hampers: create and sell your own hampers with jams, chutneys and preserves. You could even challenge yourself and make your own.
  6. Bake sale: host a bake sale and ask for donations to try your delicious treats.
  7. Do something silly: bathe in beans, stay silent for the day, attempt to break a Guinness World Record!
  1. Auctions and raffle: ask friends, family, colleagues and even local businesses to donate goods which you can auction or raffle.
  2. Karaoke: sing the night away and discover which friend or colleague has the best or worst voice and organise a karaoke night.
  3. DJ night: organise a DJ night and ask for donations to boogie the night away. You could even make it themed!
  4. Christmas: Host a party, carol concert or sell mulled wine and Christmas baked goods.
  5. Halloween Party: For spooky season, organise a scary film night or a Halloween dress party to raise money.
  6. Fancy dress party: take your party to the next level and host a fancy dress event.
  7. Celebration donations: If you have a birthday, wedding or anniversary coming up, you can ask for donations towards your fundraising, instead of presents.
  8. Cheese and wine evening: Host a cheese and wine night for friends or colleagues and ask for an entry fee to come along.
  9. Shaken not stirred: sip on your favourite cocktails and host a cocktail party.
  1. Quiz Night: Hosting an online quiz or at your local pub is easy and a lot of fun. Be creative with the questions and make it a challenge! Ask teams to make a donation to enter.
  2. Give something up: Cut out the morning caffeine, avoid chocolate or give up alcohol. Can you do it for 14 days? Or even better, make it a competition with your friends and see who can last the longest.
  3. Come dine with me: Take turns hosting a dinner party with friends, and similar to the TV show at the end of the evening, rate the host’s performance. Ask for a donation to take part.
  4. Golf day: approach your local golf club and arrange a date for a golf tournament. Make this a company event or involve local businesses and restaurants by asking them to donate prizes.
  5. Sports day: Sports days are a great way to get people together for a good cause.
  6. Team vs Team: create your own office Olympics and compete again colleagues. This could include table tennis, an obstacle course or running round the building. Ask for donations to take part.
  7. Bingo night: everyone pays a small donation at the door for each bingo card received. Offer small and fun prizes for the winners.
Shopping Online

Transform your routine online shopping into valuable donations with Easy Fundraising – at no extra cost to you.

There are over 7,000 brands on board ready to make a donation and contribute to a cause you care about – from popular brands like M&S, Sainsburys, Argos, ASOS, John Lewis and Booking.com.

How to get started with Easy Fundraising:

  • Visit https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/bwwmind and sign up for free
  • Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping as normal
  • After you’ve checked out, the brand will make a donation to BWW Mind at no extra cost to you!
  • Make sure to install the Donation Reminder app on your phone, tablet or laptop to receive notifications when a donation opportunity arises
  • There are no strings attached or hidden fees, and we really appreciate your support and contributions.

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