Moving for Mental Health

As Mental Health Awareness Week (#MHAW) approaches (13 – 19 May), people across the country will unite to raise awareness about mental health, and this year’s theme is ‘movement’ or more specifically, ‘Moving more for our Mental Health.’

At BWW Mind we understand how movement and exercise are vital for our mental wellbeing as they provide a natural way to release stress, improve mood, and build a sense of accomplishment. With #MHAW around the corner, we would love to share some upcoming events that coincide with this year’s theme.

Hackney Half

One exciting event taking place during #MHAW is the Hackney Half Marathon (19th May). This challenge isn’t just about physical endurance, it’s a powerful demonstration of support for mental health. We are deeply grateful to all those who are running for Team BWW Mind.

One of those inspiring individuals is Denny Hotene, who Leads the family services within our SEND in Mind programme in Wandsworth:

“I first got into running in 2019 just before lockdown, which proved to be a pretty useful time to do so! Running has had a hugely positive impact on my own mental health and has become a form of therapy for me. Although I may not always feel like going for a run, I always feel 100x better once I do.”

“I entered to Hackney Half Marathon to challenge myself, but most importantly to raise awareness and funds along the way around the positive impact running can have on mental health and ADHD. Research suggests that running benefits individuals with ADHD to help improve focus, reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity, lower stress levels, and promote better sleep. Overall, running serves as a valuable addition to ADHD management strategies, addressing physical and mental well-being too. Seeing this first-hand with young people I have worked with, motivates me to continue to spread this message and the reason why I am entering this race!”

With all available spots for Team BWW Mind in the Hackney Half Marathon filled up, the enthusiasm and dedication of our supporters are truly remarkable. Each step taken is not just a stride towards the finish line but also a symbol of solidarity with those impacted by mental health challenges. Thank you.

If you missed out on joining Team BWW Mind for the Hackney Half Marathon, fear not! We still have spaces available for individuals eager to make a difference in the ASICS 10K marathon on the 14th of July. For more information and to register click here.


On the bank holiday Monday 6th May, we were incredibly grateful that ‘Onetrack Running Club’ chose us to be the beneficiary of their fundraising event, held in memory of a running friend, Ed, who was an esteemed member of the club for around 6 years.

Despite the very typically timed rain on the day, runners turned up with smiles on their faces to show their support for Ed and raised over £3,000 for BWW Mind. Their united efforts were nothing short of remarkable, demonstrating resilience and a true dedication to the cause.

Posted on: 8th May 2024

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